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The Project Studio Universe

In a world where recording capabilities are moving more and more into the hands of the consumer, what incentive is there for independent artist to go into an expensive studio? The technology today allows the everyday musician to be the everyday recording engineer as well. The big record companies are scrambling to make up for lost CD sales, while music downloading is bigger than ever. So, does it make any sense at all to fork over your hard earned dough on a fancy studio? Couldnt you just buy some software and do it yourself at home?
The answer is a resounding sure. It is truly amazing what you can do with a laptop computer these days, theres no denying that. And, especially with electronic music, you can get really high quality recordings out of relatively simple software packages.

But you may notice that no matter how you wrangle that amazing piece of software, it never seems to sound quite like the stuff thats on the radio. What is it thats missing?
The truth of the matter is that software alone cannot take the place of much of the equipment that is still being used in professional recording studios. High quality microphones, preamps, maximizers, professional mixers; the list goes on and on. And to get that professional sound out of your software you need those extra little bits that can end up costing you a fortune if youre doing it yourself.
This is where the Project Studio can come to your rescue! Project studios are often times home based studios where some poor schlep has forked out his life savings on all the best prosumer equipment that money can buy, taken more than half his house and dedicated it to his love of music, and then spends much of his time recording, mixing and mastering in his comfortable, home-based studio.
A project studio is a great way to get a highly professional sound for a lot less than the cost of the equipment itself.

However, the best part about hiring a Project Studio is that the engineer is going to be far more comfortable with the equipment than your average musician, and, most importantly, he or she will bring a fresh ear to your music project.
Its this great advantage that separates the pros from to amateurs. Having someone, independent from your music, to engineer and produce your music gives you an edge that many indie bands just dont have. A good engineer will help you take your music beyond what you may be capable of doing on your own. Plus, theyll have the equipment in place to make that software (or hardware) obey your every command.

The project studio is an awesome alternative to paying huge fees for a high end, pro-grade studio, or getting a not-so-great recording out of your laptop and your cheap-ass radio shack microphone. If you are serious about music recording find yourself a really great Project Studio with an engineer you can trust! It will make all the difference in the world!


About the Author (text)Adam Benson is the CEO and head engineer of Trampled Fruit Records. Trampled Fruit is a high end Project Studio in Phoenix, AZ. To learn more check them out at



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