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Surprise your Loved Ones with a Birthday Gift Basket

Age does not matter, whether you are turning five, fifteen or fifty, your birthday is always a good excuse to go out and have a good time. Throughout the year, you would surely know someone who will celebrate his or her birthday. Deciding on what gift to buy can be tough, especially if you do not really know the person well. For example, if you knew that a neighbor - who thoughtfully looks after your pet while you are out of the house - is about to celebrate his birthday, you may not have an idea of what gift to give as a token of appreciation for his kindness.

If you have a co-worker who could use some cheering up on her birthday, what gift should you give and how much should you spend? It is pretty easy to think of a present for a close friend or a relative because you would basically have an idea of the items that they would like to receive. If you are having a hard time thinking of gifts for a person who is about to celebrate his birthday, what better way is there to surprise him than by giving out a personalized gift basket? 'Birthday Gift Baskets for Him and for Her' Gift baskets make great gift items. If you were invited to a party and you do not have an idea of what gift to give, just ask if the celebrant is male or female, and you can easily put together a gift basket that would suit the occasion perfectly. Here are some his and hers birthday gift baskets that you can wrap in a snap: 1. That's so sweet ! An elderly aunt, a niece or a nephew, and even your snappy next-door neighbor would surely appreciate a basketful of sweets. Chocolate chip cookies, candies, brownies, pretzels, candies, anything sugary and crunchy can be included.

Wrap them up with a small stuffed teddy bear or a couple of balloons and you can send the celebrant a perfect birthday treat. 2. Romantic Dinner Basket You can buy a bottle of good vintage wine, some cheese, dark chocolate bars and potato crisps to make a birthday gift basket for a good lady friend. You can even throw in the wine opener and a couple of romantic candles for good effect. 3. Especially for you Your best friend celebrating his or her birthday deserves only the best gift from you.

If your best buddy is a coffee aficionado, throw in some cinnamon sticks, assorted gourmet coffee beans plus a mug to make him the perfect birthday present. If your girl friend likes to knit, sew, paint or cook, make a gift basket with the items that she can use for her hobby. A chocolate addict deserves nothing but the best box of dark chocolate bars, melt-in-your-mouth truffles and a handful of candy bars. These gift baskets can be pre-ordered, or you can put them together yourself. Just let your imagination run wild and you will surely come up with wonderful gift basket ideas.

Once you have finished collecting the items that you would like to place inside the gift basket, look for a wicker bin, tie it with ribbons and voila, you have the perfect birthday gift to give to your loved one.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Special Occasions. For more information regarding Birthday Gift Basket please drop by at


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