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Promoting Integration via Multilingual Publishing

The world of publishing is shaped by the needs of its readers. The publications industry grows year after year as it recognises the necessity to represent the needs of new communities as they appear. It is essential that people have, at the very least, a basic point of reference to obtain relevant information that is of key importance to them. The chief aim of a publication is to render details of significance to their target audience in a manner that satisfies the demand. The variety of services the publications industry provides is highly varied.

Anything produced for the information of people would denote a published item. From signage to pamphlets, digital information to hard copy material such as books and magazines; the broad scope of publishing is an extremely wide-ranging arena. As varied as the services offered by the publications industry are, so too are the groups that require that information. In the UK, there are many individuals who have travelled to the country to live and work. In certain parts of the UK there are communities with high populations of individuals of different nationalities.

In these areas, it is important that the needs of all individuals comprising these communities are catered for. Therefore it is vital that, in terms of information, no section of society is at a disadvantage when it comes to having access to information that is of importance to themselves as well as the rest of the community. Multilingual publishing is a service that provides information outlets with the facility to translate their material, regardless of format, into a language that meets the demands of a particular community or target audience. For example, if a local council had a requirement to translate their online content to help individuals of a particular language group, they would be able to engage the assistance of a translation services provider. Many such providers have access to an enormous number of qualified linguists who, in turn, specialise in hundreds of languages spoken all over the world.

Ideally, information would be available to communities with different language needs at the outset. With this in mind, the Home Office went ahead with production of a document entitled, Living and Working in Britain. The booklets main objective was to provide individuals with access to basic information relating to their new lives in the UK.

It offered assistance, and provided semi-formal advice on issues ranging from buying a home to driving in the UK. Living and Working in Britain needed to be translated into 17 languages from Arabic to Urdu. Companies that specialise in translation not only able to translate the document, but can also to make sure that the tone of the original message is maintained.

By producing this document and subsequently engaging a translation service provider, The Home Office was able to communicate to its audience effectively. By ensuring that the tone of its original message was upheld, they could be confident that the information in the pamphlet was conveyed in exactly the right way. For the recipients of this literature, the fact that they were able to receive pointed information in their own language was of massive benefit.

Individuals seeking to live and work in another country face numerous obstacles when settling down. By providing information designed to make that transition as smooth as possible, a positive step towards effective integration is taken. Beyond specific sectors empowering individuals with the knowledge to begin a process of inclusion, other sectors of society need their information to be made accessible too. If knowledge can be shared with people in a language they understand, the journey towards integration can be made without any uncertainties or ambiguities. Language service providers play a pivotal role in making sure that information is accessible to all. By enabling government sectors to speak to foreign nationals, we move closer towards an effectively integrated future.

Shohreh Fleming is CEO and co-founder of Prestige Network Ltd., and Translation To view other articles by Shohreh, please click on the link


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