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Are You Under Mind Control

How do you determine if you're under mind control? It's an interesting question that you can pass around at a party or among friends. The fact is that you just don't know. In fact everything you are doing could be a response that fits perfectly into another persons plans.

If you take that as a possibility you could simply just give up and yield to the fact that NOTHING is truly within your control but there is a healthier option. It's quite simple, just ask yourself "Am I acting or am I reacting?" If you are reacting then you are respond to something outside of your control and trying to gain some control back, a potential sign of some form of mind control. No one likes to feel powerless and out of control.

The solution? To do something intentional and positive that is NOT a response to the external environment. I want to emphasize the word "positive" here because an intentional negative/destructive act has to act on or destroy something pre-existing. It would be then something to which you are reacting. This is much harder that it might seem because it requires four qualities that most "sheeple" find hard to implement. They are: 1) Thought. People don't like to think, in general.

That is why we have an unconscious (reactive) mind so it will do most of our actions for us. Most of us rely on it entirely too much or in the wrong way and allow it to dictate our every move by letting our emotions guide us. Advertisers, politicians, spouses and other manipulators know this and often seek to control you by fear, anger, threats and frustration. Thought requires that you determine what would be your best emotional response. 2 ) Creativity.

Creativity can be difficult because it requires taking action that is not linked to some external stimulus. This, of course requires thought, but one can train themselves and their unconscious mind to be very creative. Think of what Salvador Dali was able to do. Nothing he did in the field of art could easily be compared to anything prior to him. The same was true with his life.

3) Action. Action takes effort. People (sheeple?) tend to not want to act instead they react and conserve their energy. What they don't understand is that by taking creative action in the manner described creates energy. Going back to Salvidor Dali as an example, his life was FULL of energy that he created.

When his peers in the high brow field of art tried to control him he would turn his response into a new form of performance art. In so doing he would baffle the people trying to influence him and entertain everyone else. 4) Courage.

Why courage? Because when people recognize that they cannot control you through fear and anger they will severely escalate their attempts through threats and maybe even violence. To free yourself from any form of mind control is no easy task. But nothing so rewarding is easy. When I wrote the book "Perfected Mind Control - The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control" I wanted to appeal to peoples most base desires for control and then turn the whole process into one of creating greater freedom, flexibility and joy. Throughout the book I encourage the reader to do the hypnotic processes on themselves first in order to truly understand the power.

When any smart person would find out is that there is nothing evil and controlling about "Perfected Mind Control - The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control" instead it's about personal liberation.

JK Ellis is a writer and researcher on the topics of mind control and self improvement.
His books include "Perfected Mind Control - The Authorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control"
and "Mind Control 101


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