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A Baby Shower TimelineWhat You Need To Know Before The Big Event

You've decided to take the plunge and host a baby shower for a good friend but you are not sure where to start. Let's start the baby shower planning with a timeline. Six weeks to two months before the shower talk to the mom-to-be and see how she feels about you hosting a shower. Ask about the type of shower she would enjoy and discuss who she would like to invite. If you will be co-hosting the party you should also talk to these folks and make sure you are all on the same page.

Get together with the co-hosts, discuss the plans and delegate. Determine your budget and select the date, time and location. Choose your theme and start looking for the supplies you will need.

Make sure you have the invitations well in advance and get a list of the addresses of the those who will be invited. A month before the baby shower you should get the invitations ready to send and order a cake if you plan to serve one and will not be making it yourself. Plan a menu or interview caterers. If you decide to hire a caterer do so as soon as you make your decision. These people can get really busy and if you wait too long you may find yourself without a caterer. Two weeks before the baby shower you will want to start phoning those who have not responded to the R.


You can begin purchasing non-perishable foods and also the last minute decorations. One week prior to the baby shower you should check on the status of the cake and confirm, discuss and finalize plans with the caterer. If you have reserved a party room for the baby shower you should check on those arrangements. You may still have a few R.S.

V.P. calls to make.

If you are making party favors, now is the time to finish them. Games should all be planned and any gifts purchased and wrapped. The day before the baby shower you can finish up any last minute cleaning, bake and prepare some of the food.

You will want to check on your camera and make sure it is charged and that you have film and batteries if needed. The morning of the baby shower you should frost the cake or cupcakes if you made them yourself. Otherwise you should pick up the cake or any other food that you ordered. You can put the touch on the final decorations and make sure the serving table is ready and the chairs are set up. A few hours before the baby shower you can blow up any balloons you will be using. You can place a pad and pen by the chair of the person who will be recording the gifts.

One hour before the baby shower begins you should make sure the bathroom is clean. You can get dressed and put on your make-up. Begin placing the food on the table if the caterers are not bringing it. Otherwise you can get ready to assist them. Fifteen minutes before the guests arrive you can light candles and add ice to the punch. This baby shower timeline will assist you in planning a stress free party.

Huzaili Aris is the webmaster of Planning a baby shower has never been easier, even if you're hosting one tommorow. Visit our website and find fun themes and games for your next baby shower


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